“Bill Stratton is a professional, an extremely thorough residential home inspector. His pre home inspection is direct, understandable, with pictures that show you exactly what the opportunity is, and Bill gives advice on his recommendations to fix the issues. In addition to the pre home inspection I have used Bill as an advisor on other home concerns. I was having water pressure problems in my home and asked Bill for advice because the plumbers were unable to remedy the problem. Bill conveyed to me the need to get the manufacturer as well as the gas company involved because his belief was that the pressure issue was not a simple plumbing issue. As a result of getting everyone working together, the problem was immediately resolved and was exactly what Bill thought it was. Bill is a pleasure to work with and he has been able to convey to me in understandable terms what the issues are and how to resolve them. I heartily endorse Bill Stratton for his home inspections and as an advisor on keeping your home ‘tuned up.’”

Michael McConchie – M&M Consultants


“Bill does a great job! He is very thorough and finds things that a guy like me (I pay very close attention to my home and am very particular about keeping it right.)  doesn’t even find.  Bill gives a detailed report and information about what he finds.  He is very honest and will tell you what you need to know and what your house needs.”

David Mansfield – Mansfield Computing Solutions


“I am writing this letter as a recommendation for Bill Stratton. I have known him for over 8 years and have used him on 90% of my home inspections. Bill is very respectful to my clients as well as performs an outstanding inspection. I have also used him on several repair jobs in which has completed and looked great. Bill has performed quality work on every task that I have given him. Bill has also been on schedule when it comes to completion. With his professionalism I am very happy to give him the recommendation  above.”

Troy Smith Sr – Long and Foster Realtors


“I am the Property Manager here at Royal Realty, as well as a realtor. I have used Bill Stratton on numerous occasions for home inspections for my sold homes, and repairs for some of our rental properties at Lake Royal.

In either position, he has proved to be reliable, professional, prompt, and very capable. I recommend him quite often to people looking for someone to do maintenance/repair work, and he is at the top of my list of home inspectors. I would highly recommend him for any work needed in either area.”

Freida Frattone – Realtor/Property Manager