Areas of Inspection

As a certified home inspector, Bill Stratton will examine all of your home’s structural components and systems:
• Heating/Central AC
• Interior Plumbing
• Electric
• Roof
• Attic
• Insulation
• Windows & Doors
• Walls, Ceilings, Floors
• Foundation
• Basement
• Detached Garages & Sheds
• Crawlspace
• Porches & Patios


Services Offered

• Pre-listing Home Inspection
• New Construction Inspection
• Pre-drywall Inspection
• Buyer’s Inspection
• Recheck Inspection
• Warranty & Insurance Inspection
• Homeowner’s Information


What’s Included in a Report?

Within 24 hours of the inspection being completed, Cornerstone Residential Inspections, LLC will provide you with a report that narrates any areas of concern through detailed descriptions and color photos. Maintenance and repair information are also included with each inspection report. This detailed information helps clients understand how systems work and regular maintenance their home needs. In addition, Bill is available to answer questions about the report.

Read a sample report here.